Here we go.

I’m not sure how to start this, so I’m just going to start. 2018 was a year that has left me broken open, exposed to the beautiful and excruciating nature of life and love. I have seen the incredible, breathtaking capacity for pain, love, grace, patience, forgiveness, selfishness, ego, fear, bravery, loneliness, connection, death, and slow rebuilding. I mean like…SLLLOOOOWWW rebuilding. Because I’ve kept myself stuck, dwelling and breathing life to fear, guilt, shame, old stories and expectations. Expecting the Universe to provide and change my circumstances for me. Searching for clarity, peace, and fulfillment everywhere else but from within.

My goal for 2019 is precisely this – to START to fall back in love with myself. With the world. With life. To speak honestly. To live intentionally. To love openly and freely. To be the woman, mother, friend, and partner I want for myself and for this life. To be braver, kinder, and more present than I have been. To accept pain and failure and love them just as hard as joy and abundance.

I have no specific plans for this blog, and it’s not about anything specific… except me. I’ve always thought about writing a blog, so fuck it – I’m doing it. We’ll see what it becomes.

Cheers to new beginnings <3

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